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Andreou M., Kounnamas K., Kouzali I., Eliades N.- G., Tsintides T., Christodoulou C., Zomeni M., Vogiatzakis I., Kadis K. (2013). Improving the conservation status of priority habitat types *1520 and *5220 at Rizoelia National Forest Park. In: Gkelis S., Karousou R., Kokkini S., Panteris E. (Eds). Program and abstracts of the 13th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of the Hellenic Botanical Society "The green color of hope: Today's botany, in theory and action", p. 30. Thessaloniki, Hellas..
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Manolaki P., Sutherland L., Vogiatzakis I.N. 2014. Assessing Ecosystem Services in a peri-urban national park: the case of Rizoelia Forest Park-Cyprus. In: Book of Abstract of ialeUK Conference. Urban Landscape Ecology: Science, Policy & Practise, pp. 76-77. London, UK.
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Kouzali I., Christodoulou Ch., Papasavvas C., Kounnamas C., Constantinou C., Dimopoulos P., Tsintides T., Andreou M. (2014). Mapping and composition and structure of the priority habitat types 1520* and 5220* in Cyprus. In: Dimitrakopoulos P. and Kokkoris G. (Eds). Proceedings of the 7th Panhellenic Ecology Conference 'Ecology: linking systems, scales and research fields', p. 222. Mytilene, Greece.
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Andreou M., Kouzali I., Christodoulou Ch., Papasavvas C., Constantinou C., Kounnamas C., Dimopoulos P., Tsintides T. (2014). Habitat mapping and study of the composition and structure of the habitat types 1520* and 5220* in Cyprus. In: Proceedings of the Joint 2014 Annual Meeting of the British Ecological Society and the French Ecology Society. Lille, France.

Manolaki P., Andreou M., Christodoulou Ch., Kouzali I., Papasavvas C., Sutherland L., Trigkas V., Vogiatzakis I. 2015. Mapping ecosystem services at the site level: a proxy-based approach for Rizoelia National Park, Cyprus. In: Book of Abstracts of the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology and the 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology, p. 426. Montpellier, France.
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Koumpis T. and Vogiatzakis I. (2016). Modelling Ecosystem Services in Cyprus. In: Book of Abstract of the European Ecosystem Services Conference: Helping nature to help us, p. 8. Antwerp, Belgium.
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Constantinou E., Sarris D., Manolaki P., Vogiatzakis I. (2016). The effects of Ziziphus lotus in improving neighboring plant's moisture content and alleviating drought stress impacts on ecosystem productivity. In: Book of Abstract of the World Congress Silvo-Pastoral Systems 2016: Silvo-Pastoral Systems in a changing world. Functions, management and people, p. 145. Evora, Portugal.
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Andreou M., Christodoulou Ch., Tsintides T., Vogiatzakis I.N. Kounnamas C., Nearchou A, Papasavvas C., Eliades N.-G. (2016). The invasive species Acacia saligna in Rizoelia National Forest Park. In Proceedings of the 8th Panhellenic Ecology Conference '150+ years of Ecology: structures, dynamics and survival strategies', p. 150. Thessaloniki Greece.
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Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat types *1520 and *5220 at the
R I Z O E L I A   N A T I O N A L   F O R E S T   PARK